We create learning journeys that challenge, stretch, build and strengthen individuals and teams in work and life.

Our vision is to bring about lasting change for good in the communities of South Africa and the world, starting now, cause changing the world takes time!

We are focused, agile, ethical and brave...
We are world class.


We work with organisations (corporate and community-based) to create training solutions
that address unique needs and are strongly aligned to internal systems. Learners are given ample opportunity for reflection, with outcomes designed to drive learners to greater levels of engagement.


Our more generic offerings give people the skills they need, to deal with other people,
no matter what the context....whether people are negotiating, resolving conflict, managing teams, presenting ideas, selling solutions or simply understanding themselves in relation to others.


We are high-spirited facilitators who thrive when leading sessions. We help people move
seamlessly and successfully from one end of a process to another. Examples include training workshops, conferences, reflection forums, focus groups, team-building off-sites
and strategy sessions.


We also partner with organisations to transform technical information into accessible learning material. By working with in-house material developers, we simplify the complexity and direct learners to what they need to know. Examples could include technical training, induction programmes, in-house campaigns.


We write comprehensive paint-by-numbers facilitator guides to ensure that facilitators have all the support that they need. We also run highly practical, hard-hitting experiential
train-the-trainer programmes that help facilitators to stay at the top of their game.