TRAINING for the sake of training is wasteful and unnecessary. Research proves this... Experience confirms it. Unless training is aligned to in-house objectives and has a strong business case to support it, why bother?

What is exhilarating, is when new thinking connects to the corporate heartbeat and becomes part of ... "the way things are done around here ..." This only happens if there is buy-in, leadership commitment, and ongoing practice.

There is no magic dust that replaces the very real need for repetition, reinforcement, review and realignment.

The T Room lives with one foot in the business world and the other in the training world. So if you're looking for a one-hit 'event', there is no reason to read any further. We don't do one-offs. The truth is, they rarely justify the investment.

T-room IS FOR TRAINING ... where real learning happens

T is familiar -/ T is timeout; People talk and think over T;
- T is a stimulant /~ (T restores and energises)
T is a great leveller; /There is safety in T//
At times only T makes sense /
* Empires are built on T}